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The Amazon of NFTs
Last update: Apr 3, 2022
The most complete NFT MARKETPLACE with a powerful Decentralized Social Media. All the experience from NFT creators to users in one platform. Absolutely every technology available in NFTs worldwide in the same –easy to use- platform.
Built entirely in Web3 technology with Social Logins. The full power of decentralization with the power of easy sign up and login trough the most advance technology available on the market for non custodial wallets. The Easiest way on the market to create NFT COLLECTIONS. In all the other platforms collections need to be created by code using several programs and with the need of a developer. In, 100% of the collection is generated and created with no technical knowledge needed, as easy as clicking a few buttons.
100% of the feeds obtained by Woonkly are shared with the Woonkly ecosystem according to the Profit Sharing table.
MISSION's mission is to allow creators, influencers, Talents, gamers, metaverses, users and games to have a point of reference to monetize and socialize in a decentralized way.
Woonkly's vision is to become the world directory between reality and the metaverse. Connecting creators, influencers and brands internationally with metaverses, Play-To-Earn games and users. The total union of both worlds. The interactive directory of the present and the future.
Woonkly works on three blockchains, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Avalanche. It will soon be included in Solana network and in the future it will migrate to its own public blockchain.
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