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Woonkly Story
From idea to execution
The idea was born in 2014 and was consolidated in January 2018 when it won the acceleration award of the "Plug & Play" accelerator in Mexico.
From the acceleration, Woonkly was integrated with the world of Blockchain.
The idea was tested in several of the largest cryptocurrency events in the world, during 2018 and 2019. In these meetings, the first prototype was shown to experts in the sector, who validated its concept.
These events include:
    TNW Amsterdam, May 2018
    The Berlin Blockshow created by Cointelegraph, June 2018
    The Bitcoinference in Brussels, June 2018
    The Blockchain Economic Forum in San Francisco, July 2018
    Bitcoin Day in Monterrey, August 2018
    International Cryptocurrency Investment Congress in Dubai, September 2018
    Blockchain Murcia, May 2019
After proving that the concept had a place within the crypto and advertising world, Woonkly started operations with a team of developers in Mexico.
Today, Woonkly has more than 17 developers and a team of more than 40 professionals located in different parts of the world.
Woonkly found a great market opportunity, as blockchain and crypto technology is a rapidly growing ecosystem that offers the possibility to substantially improve processes in different economic, scientific, and other fields that require innovation.
In 2021, Woonkly became a technology solutions corporation, "Woonkly Labs," and the social network's initial idea became one of its branches.
Today, Woonkly has more than six products / services within its parent company and continues to constantly grow, program and innovate on a daily basis.
This is Woonkly and the story has just begun ...
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