What is Woonkly

Woonkly is a technology solutions company on the blockchain that continuously adapts to the market by offering new products and / or services.

Woonkly is an Estonian technology company, founded by Spanish entrepreneurs, specialized in creating products and services on blockchain. Its wide technological scope and its disruptive spirit allow it to develop different business models and innovative technological solutions that empower users with control of their data and finances.

Its wide technological scope allows it to execute different business models, any type of technological solution and empower each of its users with control of their data and finances.

Woonkly's development capacity is designed to adapt to all types of business and technological evolution.


Woonkly's mission is to offer blockchain-based technological solutions that use new technologies to favor the development of new projects and startups focused on meeting needs in the blockchain market.


Woonkly believes in blockchain / crypto as the biggest technology opportunities today. Woonkly's founders have a vision to harness this new world, and they are building the most talented team to make it happen.


Woonkly is a 100% transparent company, continuously evolving and highly communicative, which is why it offers monthly updates to all users through seminars. Woonkly believes in developing products with clear protocols and licenses that allow them to operate legally. All this to contribute to the sustainable and legal growth of the global crypto and blockchain ecosystem.