On our YouTube channel, you can find the latest tutorials and all the updates on the operation and evolution of Woonkly
YouTube Channel
Defi.finance tutorials
How to acquire WOOP and wDEFI on defi.finance?
How to stake with WOOP and wDEFI?
How to withdraw stake WOOP and wDEFI + Harvest?
How to add liquidity and farm?
How to disarm farm and liquidity?
Tutorials using Woonkly and metamask In this playlist you can find tutorials of all kinds related to Woonkly. From ´how to buy in several exchanges to how to synchronize the Binance Smart Chain in your metamask, the Woop and the wDEFI
If you want to see all the videos in this section, you can enter the YouTube channel mentioned above or, in the video below, click on the upper right, in the section with three lines and a play, that section indicates that there are more videos and that this exposed video is part of a playlist. There you can find the rest of the videos and play them without leaving our livepaper.
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