Vision and mission for all of 2021
The world continues to change at a dizzying rate, therefore making a road map for several years today is an unfair and completely uncertain practice. That is why at Woonkly we stick with clear and concise goals, always looking a year ahead and projecting each year's goals as the previous year ends. Woonkly is alive, evolving and adapting to the world, and that is why our Road Map does too. ROADMAP 2021 Q1 - 2021:
    Results of the Coinfabrik, Certik and Haken Audits of the Internal SWAP AMM and Stake Panel.
    Application to list us on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and the like.
    Application to list ourselves in Exchanges outside of Woonkly.
Q2 - 2021:
    Listed on
    Coinfabrik, Certik and Haken External Swap and SWAP Crosschain ERC20/BEP20 audits.
    Launch of internal SWAP (AMM) between BNB/WOOP pair.
    Launch of Woonkly Stake Panel.
    Start of audits for Release V1 of
    Listings on at least 3 different exchanges.
    Pre-launch of Woonkly NFT Social Network with basic functions.
    V2 version of (version compliant with European regulations).
    Attendance and organisation of AGORA blockchain event in Dubai.
    Partnership with a cyber-security company for auditing and control of Woonkly services.
Q3 - 2021:
    Launch of Version V 2 of with its own liquidity router.
Q4 - 2021:
    Launch NFT v1 Social Network.
    Launch of DEX Crosschain & Stable Coin (these timings may change as we are looking to be the first DEX Crosschain & Stable coin to comply with the regulations imposed by the European Union).
    Start of development of Woonkly's Artificial Intelligence protocols.
    Publication of roadmap for the 2022.
    Publication of the bases and dates of the Woonkly accelerator.
Our road map is alive. You will be able to visit it every month and find new functionalities and projects that Woonkly carries out and will carry out.
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