Frequently Asked Questions

What is Woonkly?

Woonkly is an Estonian technology company founded by Spanish entrepreneurs. It specializes in creating products and services on blockchain. Its broad technological scope and disruptive spirit allow it to develop different business models and innovative technological solutions that empower users with control over their data and finances.

Who works at Woonkly?

Our team is growing day by day so the data displayed here may not be up to date. In any case, you can see our workers by searching for the company "Woonkly" on Linkedin.
-Daniel Santos - CEO of the company and creator of the project. Responsible for the final decisions and marketing of the company, also from his youtube channels Mr. Santos and Club emprendedores.
-Shuberth Chi Balam - COO, involved from the beginning, in charge of connections between employees and general management of the company, agreements, and deals with other companies or users.
-Facundo Arguello - CTO of the company and responsible for all final technological decisions.
-Sara Santos - CMO of the company, also involved from the beginning, in charge of customer service, buyers, and distribution of the project's marketing information.
-Esteban Díaz - CFO, involved from the beginning, in charge of the general administration of the company and responsible for the legal contacts and legal management of the company.
-Jonathan Álvarez - CCO, involved from the beginning, in charge of connecting the brand image and reputation of the company.
-Fernando Molina - In charge of international commercial relations, specializes in relations with China.
-Ignacio De Gispert - Financial director.
-Andrea Blanco - Community Manager. Member of the marketing team, in charge of managing communities and content in the company's social media channels.
-Ramesh Thangapandian - Full Stack & Blockchain Developer.
-Luis Hormanstorfer - Blockchain Development Manager.
-Sergio Trejo - Front-end Developer.
-Javier Herrador - Project Manager & Backend Dev.
-Bojan Terzic - Blockchain Developer. -Juan Gonzalez - AWS Infraestructure.
-Raquel Tejero - Administrative assistant.
-Aleksei Motuzov - AML Director.
-Alicia Alonso - Head of support team.
-Alan Diez - Support team manager.
-Iris Kysler - Graphic designer.

What are Woonkly's social networks?

Telegram Community:
Telegram Broadcast:

What products / services does Woonkly have?

Check section 3 of this Livepaper to learn more about all our products and services:

Where can I find the operating licenses?

Woonkly has a crypto wallet and crypto exchange license, granted by Estonia, a country member of the European Union.

Why is it necessary to pass a KYC?

In order to use our services, all users must pass an identity accreditation process KYC ("Know Your Customer"), this in order to comply with European and international directives against money laundering or financing criminal activities.
The KYC or "Know Your Customer" is a verification process which has the purpose of proving the identity of a user, as well as the origin of their funds. Within this process, users should be aware that identification and residence documentation, personal data, and in some cases additional documentation may be requested.

What are the valid documents for KYC? (Valid for all Woonkly Products)

    Current ID or Passport (Driver License is not valid, only for UK).
    Prove of address, no older than 3 months (Prove of address must contains: Same name as the ID, valid address, receipt/bill of: Electricity, gas, water, internet home services, bank statement, direct debit receipt, census, tax payment of the country). NOTE: 1. Invoices for common services such as amazon, workshops, mailings, and others, are not valid. 2. Leasing contract (house/department) only if it has a notary's signature.
    Blacklist countries – Denied access / Grey list countries – Limited access, the person must prove the incoming of his founds.

Which countries cannot pass KYC on Woonkly?

Albania Afghanistan The Bahamas Barbados Botswana Cambodia Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Ghana Iran Iraq Jamaica Mauritius Myanmar Nicaragua Pakistan Panama Syria Trinidad and Tobago Uganda Vanuatu Yemen Zimbabwe Iceland Mongolia

If I am missing a document or it is expired or I do not meet the requirements, can I pass the KYC?

No, the documents that you provide to us, always must be valid.

Can I use the services without passing a KYC?

No, all users who wish to use our services must go through the identification process.

How can I be a NODE?

At the moment, we do not have any available list to sign up to be a node. When this changes, and it is necessary for users to become nodes, we will announce our social media channels and a specific seminar on becoming a Woonkly node.

How to add the BSC network and the WOOP?

You can follow this tutorial on how to add the BSC network and the WOOP token to Metamask:
The data you need are the following:
Binance Smart Chain network data: -Network name: Binance Smart Chain -New RPC URL: -String ID: 56 -Symbol: BNB -Block Explorer URL:
WOOP token contract data: -CONTRACT: 0x8b303d5bbfbbf46f1a4d9741e491e06986894e18 -SYMBOL: WOOP -DECIMALS: 18

Why do my earnings disappear when I put more tokens in

When the amount of WOOP in stake increases, it is automatically harvested and your wDEFI earnings go directly to the wallet from which you stake.
Remember to check that you added the wDEFI contract correctly.

What happens if I make a mistake and send tokens to the wrong address?

You should always check several times that everything is being done correctly. If you send WOOP or any token to a contract address or to another address, they cannot be recovered and the company is not responsible for their loss.
Before accepting a shipment, double check everything is correct.

Where can I buy WOOP?

WOOP is for sale on various exchanges and swaps. We have tutorials on our YouTube channel that show you how to acquire them in different ways.

Where can I see the price of WOOP?

You can check the price of WOOP at any time on, coinmarketcap, swaps where WOOP is available and exchanges that have WOOP listed.

How do I add wDEFI to my Metamask?

You must hit add token! on the BSC network and paste the following contract: 0x291083c8aedfc3cd0384494e1fcdcf2067d28d3e

What do I do if I can't find a solution to my problem?

Any problem or doubt that cannot be solved with this document or with our tutorials should be sent to [email protected] indicating: -Reason for the message (Problem) -Wallet -Hash in the case of a problem with any of the messages. -Photos or videos of the problem
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