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Earn BEP20 Tokens by sharing content
Now advertisers will pay you to share their content
Users will be able to use the Woonkly Decentralized Social Network simply by creating their decentralized profile and connecting their Metamask / Trustwallet wallet.
Vision of the main page of the Woonkly Decentralized Social Network
When a user views a post (text, video, image or audio) they have the possibility to earn tokens by sharing the content on their Woonkly profile that will be visible to all their followers and friends.
The posts that distribute tokens for sharing them have a golden color in the "Share" button to be able to be identified and the post itself indicates in the lower right part the amount of tokens that said post / smart contract has to be distributed.
Image of a Woonkly Post that distributes tokens for sharing
All interaction in the Social Network is based on Smart Contracts and works on our own Blockchain (Woonkly Smart Chain) so it does not generate gas costs for users. The only cost of generated gas falls on the advertisers when they want to create campaigns, which they do through the Binance Smart Chain network.
Users will be able to view their earned tokens directly on their profile and can withdraw them at any time to the Binance Smart Chain network (their Metamask or Trust Wallet), incurring a gas cost for the user. It is recommended to withdraw the tokens earned when the cost of gas is lower than the withdrawal to be made.
Image of the Wallet with User Token Earnings in Woonkly
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