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Creation of decentralized campaigns
How to create viralization campaigns on
Creating campaigns in Woonkly is very simple. As an advertiser, you just have to follow these steps: 1. Create a POST. It can contain text, image, video or audio.
Sponsored Post Creation on
2. Connect your Metamask or Trust Wallet.
Connection with Metamask on Woonkly
3. Choose with which Token (BNB or WOOP) you are going to run your campaign and how many times you want them to see and share your content (there is a minimum number of shares and from there it is modifiable). The more tokens an advertiser hands out, the higher it appears in their target audience's social media feed.
Choice of investment in Advertising and viralization of content
4. Hit "Publish" and sign with your Metamask.
5. Done! Your post will be published decentralized and your campaign will be active! Now it will only remain to be seen by the analytics in your analysis panel.
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