"Coo-petition" Woonkly
Woonkly does not compete, COOPITE.
At Woonkly we do not compete, our philosophy is to integrate ourselves with the best international projects. For this reason, our code is free to use and that of our competition as well. Only the liberation of technology can cause the liberation of humanity."

Blockchain technology in the advertising industry

Blockchain technology has been making waves in the digital advertising space, as it is doing in many other industries as well: cutting out unnecessary middlemen, creating direct relationships between contributing parties, and providing monetization tools. Within the wide range of platforms that use blockchain technology in the advertising industry, Woonkly stands out for being a decentralized social network with DeFi finances integrated into the Woonkly Swap exchange, which uses its own blockchain and owns its own cryptocurrency: WOOP. But above all, it differs since it is the only decentralized social network in the world in which 100% of the capital invested by advertisers in advertising is distributed among the users of the platform. Some of the most important "cooperative" companies in the sector are: Lbry.tv Lbry.tv is a decentralized platform for content publishing, based on Blockchain technology, which offers users a global decentralized library and, at the same time, a market for works such as books, videos, games or any type of digitizable file. Lbry.tv is built on Lbry's blockchain technology and is considered an alternative to YouTube in the decentralized ecosystem. AdEx AdEx is a self-service advertising platform, built on a blockchain network. Their system uses the Ethereum blockchain so that advertisers can quickly create display advertising campaigns and deliver their ads to specific publishers. Generate reports in real time and payments flow directly between them, once impressions are verified. Brave Another company in the blockchain ecosystem is the Brave web browser, which has tried a different approach, positioning itself as a competitor to Chrome and other browsers. In this order, Brave has created a utility token known as Basic Attention Token (BAT), which serves as an incentive mechanism for users to share their data with advertisers, while Brave Browser blocks online trackers. The decentralized browser has Brave Ads, an option that allows its users to receive 70% of the advertising revenue share (in BAT) as a reward for their attention. Atayen Another blockchain-backed company is the decentralized ad company, Atayen. The Smart Advertising Transaction Token, or SATT, was created by Atayen to reward influencers and other users who create personalized ad campaigns, as well as to receive payments directly. Since its launch, the company, which bases much of its strategy on influencers, has launched its blockchain-based ad network and has also integrated its product with decentralized social networks. Theta Theta is a blockchain network specifically dedicated to streaming video, like eSports, for example. The Theta mainnet works as a decentralized network in which users share resources and content between peers (P2P). Its advantages include that viewers get a better quality streaming service; content creators improve their income, and intermediaries (video platforms) save money on infrastructure construction. Users receive an incentive for viewing network content and providing physical resources. The rewards come in the form of THETA tokens. Woonkly competitive advantage: Although there are projects with the same ideology as Woonkly, similar characteristics and objectives (the idea of ​​distributing the advertising capital among users, all based on blockchain). Woonkly is not only an advertising company, but it has also created a great DeFi ecosystem in which you can exchange cryptocurrencies even from different networks, add liquidity and do staking. Another one of the differentiating elements of Woonkly is that it has operating crypto wallet and crypto exchange licenses, legalized in the European Union. It also has a state-of-the-art development team, made up of specialists from all areas, which makes it possible to create highly innovative protocols. These protocols work to unify different services and facilitate the daily use of the platform by users. Which translates into the grain of sand that Woonkly contributes to increase the mass adoption of the blockchain ecosystem.
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