Benefits for the Advertiser
Advertisers will be able to advertise with the best cost / benefit ratio in the market
In Woonkly, users decide when and how they see advertisers' content, and they will only receive content that is aligned with their interests. When an advertiser creates a viralization campaign on Woonkly, 80% of the capital they invest in advertising is distributed among their audience for sharing their posts.

Benefits for the advertiser on Woonkly

    Possibility of advertising with cryptocurrencies.
    Possibility of advertising projects related to cryptocurrencies.
    Approach to the consumer and establishment of a positive relationship between both, creating subconscious positive reinforcements in the consumer's mind when receiving tokens.
    Best cost / benefit ratio in the market, costing in specific cases up to 80% less than advertising on Facebook Ads or Google Ads and significantly less than on other platforms that allow crypto advertising.
    Choice of the number of tokens to distribute and the number of people you want to impact.
    Real-time analytics with anonymous information about the tastes and preferences of your audience.
    Profile on Woonkly to interact with your audience.
    Possibility of campaigning to achieve large numbers of followers.
    They can viralize texts, images, videos and audios, which means that anything from a singer to a clothing brand can be advertised.
    Any user can advertise their content, either to sell or simply to communicate an idea.
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