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Advertiser native token advertising
The goal of Woonkly is that advertisers can in the near future advertise with the tokens of their own project making Woonkly a Faucet of Faucets and the definitive tool to make Airdrops with a return for advertisers. To be able to advertise in Woonkly with the native token of a project, you have to apply to list it in Woonkly, both in the Decentralized Social Network and in the Woonkly Swap. From the moment a new token is listed in Woonkly, users will be able to, apart from conducting advertising campaigns with said token, create liquidity pools to earn profitability on that token, and allow users to buy and sell within the Woonkly DEX that token versus the other tokens listed on Woonkly. To list the token of your project in Woonkly we will enable a form on May 1, 2021.
At first, only tokens from the Binance Smart Chain network will be listed. Woonkly plans to integrate more networks in the near future.
Last modified 4mo ago
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