Woonkly Story

From idea to execution

Woonkly was born from the idea of ​​sharing the advertising capital directly with the audience that consumes the ads, eliminating the intermediaries (the media) who normally make 100% of the profit.

The idea was born in 2014 and was consolidated in January 2018 when it won the acceleration award of the "Plug & Play" accelerator in Mexico.

From the acceleration, Woonkly was integrated with the world of Blockchain.

The idea was tested in several of the largest cryptocurrency events in the world, during 2018 and 2019. In these meetings, the first prototype was shown to experts in the sector, who validated its concept.

These events include:

  • TNW Amsterdam, May 2018

  • The Berlin Blockshow created by Cointelegraph, June 2018

  • The Bitcoinference in Brussels, June 2018

  • The Blockchain Economic Forum in San Francisco, July 2018

  • Bitcoin Day in Monterrey, August 2018

  • International Cryptocurrency Investment Congress in Dubai, September 2018

  • Blockchain Murcia, May 2019

After proving that the concept had a place within the Crypto and Advertising world, Woonkly started operations with a team of developers in Mexico and, enduring thick and thin, it has reached the present day.

Today, Woonkly has a Telegram community of more than 15,000 People; a Crypto Startup Accelerator; a Own Blockchain Network, created under the Hyperledger BESU protocol; a token created under the Binance Smart Chain Network; Crypto Wallet and Cryptocurrency Exchange licenses regulated by the European Union; connection with the protocol of Polkadot, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain; a decentralized network of nodes and its token trades with a daily volume of between 2,000,000 and 12,000,000 US dollars.

The first two protocols that Woonkly will launch at the end of March include a Staking BEP20 protocol and its own DEX for the purchase of the AMM (Automated Market Maker) token.

Woonkly's Social Network, created under its own blockchain connected to the Binance Smart Chain network, will see the light of day around the end of April 2021.

The first Startups accelerated by Woonkly will be announced throughout March 2021 and it will be invested in at least 12 Startups per year, the profits of which will go to the holders of WOOP (the Woonkly token), who are doing Stake in their protocol.

Woonkly will also launch a DEX BEP20 and ERC20 at the end of April 2021 and is working to regulate the world's first regulated DEX Crosschain & Stable Coin, making use of the European Regulation.

The story has just begun ...